Horizontal Autoclave – (Rectangular)

Feature :

  • Inner Chamber is made up of thick non-magnetic steel of 304 quality and jacket is made out of rolled steel.
  • Microprocessor based digital temperature controller.
  • Single door made of rolled steel lined with S.S. sheet has radial locking system.
  • All units are hydraulically tested upto 40psi.
  • The space between outer cover made of thick rolled steel sheet and the steam jacket is filled with asbestos sheet or glass wool to minimize thermal losses.
  • Boiler is made of thick stainless steel sheet and is located under the sterilizer.
  • Unit is fitted with water level indicator, safety valve, pressure gauge, water inlet and drain valves.
  • Unit is also fitted with Low-Water Level Cut-Off device and automatic pressure control device.
  • All “SISCO” rectangular sterilizers are fitted with SELF LOCKING SAFETY DOOR deivce.
  • The door cannot be opened when chamber is under pressure.
  • Two seperate valves are provided for evacuating steam from inner chamber and jacket, as and when desired.
  • Fitted with safety valves as a safety device.
  • Drain valve is fitted at the side bottom for easy draining/cleaning.
  • Drain valve is fitted at the side bottom for easy draining/cleaning.
  • Fitted with vacuum breaker to break vacuum in case of formation of vacuum due to steam condensation walled with Steam Jacket and Separate Boiler.
  • Sterilization cycle is controlled by Multiport Valve. The unit is fitted with all standard accessories.
  • To work on 440volts, 3 Phase, A.C. Supply.


Inner Dimensions (Wx Hx D) Capacity Heater Load
450 x 450 x 900mm 180 ltrs 6.0 KW
450 x 600 X 900mm 240 ltrs 9.0 KW
600 x 600 x 900mm 320 ltrs 9.0 KW
600 x 600 x 1200mm 430 ltrs 9.0 KW


Controller Automatic Piezostat (Pressure Control Switch)
Display Microprocessor based digital controller
Exhaust of Pressure Manual through a Multiport Valve
Sterlizing Pressure 1.2 to 1.5 kgf/cm2 (15 to 20 psi) at 121°C
Operating Pressure From 15 Psi to 20 Psi
Pressure Gauge 0-2.1 kgf / cm² (30 Psi)
MOC (Pressure Vessel) Stainless Steel (SS-304 or SS-316 as ordered)
MOC (External Wall) Mild Steel Sheet Duly Painted
MOC (Boiler) Stainless steel(SS-304)
MOC (Lid) Mild Sheet Duly Painted lined with S.S. from Inside
Power Supply 440V AC, 3 Phase Supply
S.S. Carriage (OPTION) Option available at extra cost
M.S. Trolley (OPTION) Option available at extra cost